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Your Gateway to Exclusive Global Services

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to excellence. We go above and beyond to ensure that every aspect of your journey exceeds your expectations. Whether it's arranging special accommodations, securing hard-to-get reservations, or providing insider tips on local attractions, we're dedicated to making your travel dreams a reality.

Experience the difference of our exclusive global services and embark on your next journey with confidence and peace of mind.

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Grow Your Vision ... 

Be Part of the Transformative eCommerce of

W E X O O S!

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Sponsor Partner - Affiliated

GOZUGA has merged with W E X O O S with the aim of empowering both local and international businesses to catalyze growth. Together, W E X O O S is committed to providing a transformative web platform that seamlessly connects, strengthens, and uplifts an international interactive commercial and merchant community. With a focus on generating assistance for local businesses, W E X O O S helps them achieve their objectives, amplify sales, and optimize production efficiency through its distinctive and unique e-commerce ecosystem. By fostering collaboration and nurturing innovation within their integrated platforms, W E X O O S aims to propel these businesses beyond local boundaries, facilitating their expansion into global markets and making global trade more accessible for all.

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

EKTA, a trusted affiliate of GOZUGA Travel, specializes in providing comprehensive travel insurance coverage for individuals venturing abroad. With EKTA, travelers between the ages of 3 and 85 can easily purchase insurance online through their website, ensuring hassle-free access to essential coverage.

Upon purchase, customers receive their insurance policy via email within minutes, offering immediate peace of mind for their upcoming travels. Additionally, EKTA offers round-the-clock multilingual technical support through their chat service, ensuring that travelers receive assistance and guidance whenever needed, no matter where they are in the world.

Partnering with EKTA allows GOZUGA Travel to offer our valued customers access to reliable and efficient travel insurance solutions, further enhancing their travel experience and providing added security during their journeys.

Travel Insurance with- GOZUGA TRAVEL

Benefits to GOZUGA's Members

  • Work all over the World

  • Client support 24/7

  • No hidden clauses in the contract

  • Get insurance policy online

  • 10 years experience at the insurance industry

  • No hidden restrictions in medical services

Meet our esteemed partner, EKTA!

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

Family at Airport enjoyed at the Gate - GOZUGA TRAVEL
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

Compensair, a UK-based online service, specializes in assisting air travelers in claiming compensation of up to €600 from airlines in the event of flight delays, cancellations, or denied boarding. With Compensair, travelers can rest assured knowing that their rights are protected, as the service handles all paperwork, negotiations with airlines, and legal proceedings on their behalf.

As the travel industry rebounds from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for flight compensation services is on the rise. With over 10 million air passengers annually and an increasing number of flight disruptions eligible for compensation.  Despite this, many passengers remain unaware of their rights to compensation, making Compensair's services invaluable in ensuring that travelers receive the compensation they deserve.

Partnering with Compensair allows GOZUGA Travel to offer to our customers access to this essential service, further enhancing your travel experience and providing you  a peace of mind during your journeys.

Introducing our valued partner, Compensair!

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

Texting on Mobile Phone GOZUGA TRAVEL
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

GOZUGA Travel is thrilled to introduce Drimsim, the revolutionary solution for travelers seeking seamless communication around the globe.

Drimsim isn't just another SIM card – it's a game-changer. This universal SIM card, accompanied by a free app, offers unparalleled convenience and freedom. Unlike traditional SIM cards tied to specific operators, Drimsim empowers travelers with the flexibility to use it immediately upon landing in any of the 229 supported countries.

With Drimsim, you can enjoy stable communication, lightning-fast internet, and affordable rates comparable to local operators. Say goodbye to the hassles of roaming charges and the inconvenience of purchasing multiple SIM cards for different countries. Drimsim negotiates directly with operators, ensuring cost-effectiveness and reliability wherever your adventures take you.

Stay connected with friends and family, share photos, and navigate your way through new destinations without worrying about exorbitant roaming fees. Drimsim's user-friendly app allows you to monitor your expenses effortlessly, with options for manual or auto-payment refills. Plus, billing is transparent, with charges calculated in seconds and megabytes, eliminating the confusion of complex packages or subscriptions.

Experience the freedom to communicate without borders with Drimsim – your essential travel companion for staying connected on the go.

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

GOZUGA is proud to introduce Tiqets, a revolutionary tool that enhances your travel experience by providing instant and intuitive mobile booking technology. With Tiqets, millions of people have gained access to museums and attractions worldwide, making their travel adventures unforgettable.  Tiqets collaborates with thousands of renowned museums, thrilling attractions, and hidden gems every day, ensuring that travelers have access to a diverse range of experiences wherever they go. From iconic landmarks to off-the-beaten-path treasures, Tiqets offers something for every traveler's taste and interest.

Discover exclusive Tiqets products through GOZUGA's platform and unlock a world of possibilities during your travels. Explore historic sites, marvel at breathtaking art collections, and immerse yourself in local culture with ease, thanks to Tiqets' user-friendly booking system.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to make the most of your travels with Tiqets. Start planning your next adventure today and create memories that will last a lifetime with GOZUGA and Tiqets by your side.

Introducing Tiqets! to museums and attractions around the world

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

TicketNetwork – the sports, concerts, and theater tickets you want. TicketNetwork is an online exchange where sellers list tickets to sports, theater, and concert events around the world.

At TicketNetwork, the following events are available: concerts: Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry; theater shows: Wicked, Jersey Boys, Lion King, Cirque du Soleil; sporting events: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA, boxing, and more.


Sports, concerts, and theater tickets

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

What if there was a way to stay connected with high-speed internet anywhere in the world without the hassle of switching SIM cards? Well, there is! With Airalo's eSIMs, you can travel with ease. No need to worry about high roaming fees or purchasing new SIM cards when you arrive at your destination. Simply download and install a digital data pack for over 200 countries and regions and get connected as soon as you land.

Person smiling on a phone call - GOZUGA TRAVEL

Benefits for GOZUGA's Customers

  • With Airalo's eSIMs, travelers can access the Internet from virtually any country on the planet and don't have to pay excessive roaming charges.

  • Travelers don’t need to waste their time looking for a local plastic SIM card. The eSIM can be activated either immediately after installation or upon arrival at the traveler’s destination.

  • A wide range of eSIMs are available for different countries and regions. The tourist does not even have to buy a card for a specific country. If he/she intends to travel, he/she can buy a regional eSIM on Airalo. For example, there are eSIMs available for the entire continent of Europe.

  • The support team is available 24/7/365, and are happy to offer prompt assistance via chat on the Airalo website, social media, or email.

With GOZUGA's Partner  Airalo's eSIMs, travelers can access the Internet from virtually any country on the planet and don't have to pay excessive roaming charges

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

Discover the joys of sailing the world’s beautiful oceans with GOZUGA TRAVEL’s SEARADAR service. A professional and user-friendly concierge designed yacht rental platform is the perfect way to rent a yacht just like you would book a hotel or airplane tickets. Plus, their dedicated concierge team is always available to help, so you can focus on enjoying your adventure to the fullest.

Luxury Private Motor Yacht - GOZUGA TRAVEL

Sailing is one of the greatest ways to explore our planet, and despite common beliefs GOZUGA Travel New Experience deals has  giving you even more affordable than regular travel. This new experience offers you a dedicated concierge team which can help you arrange your dream trip. Absolutely free of charge, they will assist you with: - yacht selection - destination choice and route planning - find a professional crew - help with paperwork. Brand stays in touch with clients throughout their whole trip.

Sailing the world by renting a Yacht

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

Thanks to GOZUGA's Travel Solutions giving to all customers Radical Storage that provides travellers with luggage storage solutions so they can enjoy their holiday to the fullest, giving them the opportunity to eliminate problems with early arrivals or late departures from the home/hotel. Service operates in over 70 countries and 500 cities with more than 5000 storage points. Luggage storage network. Customers are able to book storage of their luggage online at various vendors in more than 500 cities. Each piece of luggage is covered up to 3000 €/$/£.


Benefits for GOZUGA's customers

  • Fixed price of 5€ per bag per day with coverage up to 3000€/$/£ per bag

  • More than 3500 storage points strategically located in the main city areas

  • Each piece of luggage is covered by a €3000 guarantee

  • Fast booking via website or App

 Luggage Storage Solutions

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

HSE DRIVE is a private driver service for all GOZUGA Platinum & Corporate Member transfers. A quality driver experience on the French Riviera and Monaco. A provision service for all GOZUGA's Platinum & Corporate costumers who need a driver for a certain period of time is also available. All distances from French Riviera and Monaco are possible. Quality service for reasonable prices. An exclusive Mercedes-Benz fleet is made up of recent cars for transfers in the best conditions. 10 years committed to satisfying  customers and going beyond their expectations. Feel free your ride  thanks to GOZUGA;s Travel Solutions!

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

Coast of Normandy - GOZUGA TRAVEL

Benefits for GOZUGA's customers

  • Professional drivers

  • High standard rules

  • High-end vehicules

  • Ponctual drivers

  • helicopter and airplane transfers avaible

  • Free waiting time

  • All inclusive prices

  • Mercedes-Benz fleet

  • Safe transfers:Cars are no holder than four years old

  • Prices all inclusive

  • No hidden costs

 High end driving into the French Rivera and/or Monaco. GOZUGA giving you another way as Travel Solutions

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

Book Online an individual transfer services and private car tours as GOZUGA's Member with 24/7 customer support by KiwiTaxi as another service provider partner of GOZUGA to give you another Travel Solution.  Kiwitaxi is operating in more than 110 countries worldwide, more than 500 airports and 117500 routes, including popular destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas


Benefits for GOZUGA's customers

  • Easy and convenient booking: Customers can book an individual transfer through the Kiwitaxi in just a few clicks.

  • Fixed prices & no hidden fees: Kiwitaxi offers fixed prices for all its services, which means customers don't have to worry about unexpected charges.

  • Professional drivers: Kiwitaxi drivers are experienced, professional, and licensed, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey.

  • 24/7 customer support: Kiwitaxi offers round-the-clock customer support to assist customers with any queries or issues they may have.

  • Wide range of vehicles: Kiwitaxi offers a range of vehicles to suit different needs, including sedans, luxury cars, minivans, and buses.

 Kiwitaxi Another Travel Solution.

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated

Online booking system for airport transfers. Since 2009, over 9 million passengers have used the service. ​

People Inside Taxi - GOZUGA TRAVEL

Benefits for GOZUGA's Members

  • Wide coverage isn’t limited to cities and resorts. You can build any itinerary on the periphery of airports and cities served by the company (wherever there are roads)

  • Free waiting time in case of flight delays — i'Way monitors flights in real time with FlightAware

  • Clients can take advantage of the mobile app “i’way assist” to find the driver and send him/her a message (if they get lost in the airport, for example)

  • One hour of free waiting time for domestic flights and two hours for international flights

  • i'way cars have no logos or ads and i'way appreciates discerning clientele

 i'way Another GOZUGA Travel Solution.

GOZUGA TRAVEL Economy Booking

Fast, convenient, and profitable car rentals at low prices. A wide range of cars from 25,000 rental points across 150 countries.  24/7 reservation and support service during your lease.  The most favorable prices for cars of all classes from more than 800 car rental companies, including all leading brands

GOZUGA Partner Affiliated


Benefits for GOZUGA's customers

  • Economy Bookings offers a wide range of cars for rent (over 175,000). In the summer, the most popular cars are those in the Economy, Full Size, and Intermediate classes

  • There are more than 20,000 rental shops in 150 different countries. Many of the shops are situated close to airports so that travelers can easily rent a car right after their arrival and not spend money on additional transfers

  • Choosing a car has never been easier. Every car on the website has a detailed description, high-quality photos, and a user rating. You’ll get all the necessary information about the car so that you can be fully prepared for your trip

  • There are only cars with good ratings. Clients highly appreciate the cleanliness and technical state of cars provided by Economy Bookings, due to the company’s collaboration with well-known and reputable agencies, such as Alamo, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, National, Thrifty, Enterprise, and more. Also, the company works with local car rentals that provide the best service and have good customer reviews

  • If something is wrong, at any time, Economy Bookings support service is there for you. Whether you have a question at the time of booking, renting, or returning a car, you’ll receive full support

  • 14 years of experience allow to provide the best service to 2 million users. Join them today!

A Budget-Friendly Rent a Car

Collaborating with the World's Finest Clients & Partners

GOZUGA TRAVEL - Sponsor Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL Economy Booking
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
GOZUGA TRAVEL - Partner - Affiliated
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